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AgileSites 1.8 Open Source

This website is about the open source AgileSites 1.8.x:

Introductory Video

AgileSites 1.8.1e ( 28th of July 2015)

Welcome to AgileSites, the Open Source framework for Agile development with Oracle WebCenter Sites (formerly Fatwire Content Server).

AgileSites requires Java 1.7 or greater and WebCenter Sites version 11.x or greater. Past releases (Fatwire releases) are not supported.

The framework is released under the commercial friendly Apache License 2.0.

Read on this page if you want to know more about this framework.

If you are in a hurry to try it, follow the linked directions.

If you already know what is it, then you can:

Looking for AgileSites 1.0?

Go here for the archived website

Developing for Oracle WebCenter Sites?

If you ever developed with Fatwire Content Server or Oracle WebCenter Sites, you may think (as many does) it is somewhat lacking friendly development tools.

As a developer you may have a wish list. I had a wish list too. At some point in time decided to fulfill some of my wishes for Fatwire and Sites development. This framework is the result of this (one year long!) effort.

If your wishes are similar to mine you may be interested in this project.

So, do you want...

Use a real MVC pattern

thus separating presentation (view) from logic (control) and content (model) ?

Avoid unreadable JSPs

coding all your logic in plain Java (using full Java oop and not crippled JSP Java and awkward library CSElements) ?

Keep the HTML design in his original form

so it can be updated easily by Web Designer without extensive recoding?

Code with a simpler API

possibly less verbose, more consistent and helpful in preventingsilly mistakes?

Save yourself from manual deployment with a build and an installer

avoiding manual css/javascript to copy, jars to deploy, templates to publish, tables to catalog move, properties to edit and so on?

Use a real version control system

thus tracking your work and sharing it with other developers in an healthy way?

Write easily real unit tests?

so you can develop in Test Driven way and keep a test suite to avoid regression bugs?

Run a continous integration server ?

integrating and verifying the work of your team, allowing each developer to work in isolation with the JumpStartKit?

Deploy your code as a single jar ?

that can be easily shared, tracked, compared and deployed?

Hot deploy your changes, not having to restart the application server ?

when you do any change, even small, to your Java code?

Use your preferred IDE and not CSExplorer or a mandatory Eclipse-only plugin

either Eclipse, Netbeans, Idea or even Notepad or VI if you like ?

Keep your existing work ?

while developing new code using this framework?

Keep Oracle Support

being 100% compliant to standard practices

If any of above is in your wish list, then this framework may be suitable for you.