Release Notes for 1.8.1a

  • configurator now works for weblogic
  • Demo-11.8 csdt export was broken - fixed

Release Notes for 1.8.1

  • many bug fixes
  • universal naming convention (prefix everywhere in Sites and nowhere in AgileSites)
  • added an embedde installer for the full Sites

Release Notes for 1.8

  • support as well as
  • Java 1.7 is now a requirement
  • automated configuration with a gui tool
  • Picker engine supporting a "moustache" syntax for easier reference
  • the classloader works with multiple-jar, so it is ready for plugins and multi projects
  • now only one project (instead of 3) is generated and it works with any version of eclipse
  • the api allows for rendering the same asset with multiple devices
  • support for friendly urls also in binaries
  • csdt integration supporting multiple workspaces and websites
  • improved builds that now checks for java version and run status of Sites
  • the api includes explicit dependencies and recommendation
  • simpler and more consistent naming conventions
  • in the jar there is the version name of the target Sites (11.1.1.x.y)
  • tons of cleanup, warning removal and bug fixes
  • improved and updated documentation
  • a nicer website
  • commercial support from ltd based in London, UK