This page is a quick start guide to install Sites, AgileSites, the Demo site and a starting site to work with.

  • (1) Download the WebCenterSites distribution from the Oracle website, either 11.8 ( or 11.6 (
  • (2) Unzip the distribution package, then locate the WCS_Sites*.zip archive file (it is usually in a subdirectory).

  • (3) Unzip the content of the WCS_Sites*.zip file inside the wcs folder. After unarchiving there should be 3 new folders in your distribution:

    • wcs/Sites
    • wcs/SitesExplorer
    • wcs/misc
  • (4) Launch the wcs\setup.cmd batch (on Windows) or wcs/setup.sh shell script (on Linux/OSX). Answer "MySite" when you asked for you new site. Now the installer will start and work for a while.

  • (5) When the installer stops asking to restart your application server, open a new terminal folder and launch the agilesites.cmd (on Windows) or the agilesites.sh (on Linux/OSX). Then the system will start downloading jars from internet and compiling source. Wait patiently.

  • (6) Once you get the prompt, type:

    • wcs-setup
    • wcs-serve start
  • Now WebCenter Sites will start. Wait for the message showing the welcome of webcenter sites. You will see a number of messages. Those messages overwrite the prompt so you may not be sure when the startup is complete.

  • As a test, press enter. If you get the > prompt then you are ready. Note installation is not yet complete.

  • (7) Come back to the installer and press enter. Wait for the installation to complete.

  • (8) When you see the "Installation Successfull" message, test it accessing with username fwadmin and password xceladmin in

  • (9) Import the Demo site and the empty MySite. On 11.6:

    • wcs-dt import #Demo-11.6 !Demo @ALL
    • wcs-dt import #MySite-11.6 !MySite @ALL
  • On 11.8:

    • wcs-dt import #Demo-11.8 !Demo @ALL
    • wcs-dt import #MySite-11.8 !MySite @ALL
  • (10) Generate a new site and deploy it all:

    • wcs-generate (accept the default in the popup - MySite)
    • wcs-deploy
  • You should be able to see the Demo and an empty MySite with

    • http://localhost:8181/cs/Satellite/demo
    • http://localhost:8181/cs/Satellite/mysite
  • You can control now the start of sites from the agilesites shell with:

    • wcs-serve status to check execution status
    • wcs-serve stop to stop a running tomcat
    • wcs-serve start to start a running tomcat

Note: you can quickly shutdown a running tomcat if you exited the shell with http://localhost:8182