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In this section we list the prerequisites needed before starting to use this framework.

Java Development Kit 7

The framework currently requires a java development kit version 7 or greater. You need to compile code so an actual Java Development Kit is needed, not just a java runtime

Jump Start Kit 11.1.1.x

The framework requires you develop in your local machine with a local installation of Sites. All the development is done using the JumpStart Kit that is available on support to Sites customers.

You need JSK or Other versions can work but they are not tested.

You are expected to share code and content model with other developers through a version control system. The source should be tested by a continuous integration system.

How to install JumpStart Kit

The JumpStartKit (a version of Sites easy to install, with its own embedded application server and database) is available from Oracle Support to customers. Just access to and search for Jump Start Kit (JSK).

JSK It is convenient because it does not requires too many resources and can be installed in a developer machine. It includes everything can be needed for development.

NOTE It is possible to install the full Sites in your computer for development purposes. You can install it with free Oracle XE or the free Microsoft SQLServer. It is even possible to install it with the simple, in-memory database Hypersonic SQL (note, only using version 1.8.0)

Use the sate JDK for both Sites and AgileSites

It is important that you verify the java version used by the JumpStart Kit is the same that will be used by AgileSites. AgileSites will refuse to deploy anything if the version of the JDK used in Sites is different from the version used by the AgileSites shell.

How to check which Java version you are using

Start Jump Start Kit then access the HelloCS servlet within you Sites webapp to check the version (typically you use the url http://localhost:8080/cs/HelloCS). It displays the version of Java in use.

Once done you can go to the command prompt and type: java -version and then javac -version

Both the used java version and the compiler version must match the version used by the JSK.

Java Version

Fixing java versions

On Windows, if the java or javac is not found you must the variable JAVA_HOME and the PATH as described here.

A windows JDK is installed together with JSK by default in C:\Oracle\WebCenter\Sites\11gR1\windowsJDK (change accordingly your installation choices) so you use this JDK as JAVAHOME. Remeber also to the the PATH variable adding at the end of the PATH: `;"%JAVAHOME\bin"`

On Mac, you need to edit the file ~/.bash_profile followinging these directions. Then you should also fix the path adding export PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin":$PATH

On Linux the solution is the same as the Mac solution except that the actual location of your JDK depends on your distribution (and there are many of them), so definitely you have to figure out by yourself where java is installed.

NOTE Be aware that changing the Java Home may affect other applications using Java in your machine.

Go on with the installation

Once you installed Sites, follows the installation procedure to install AgileSites. You do not require the installation of the demo site, although it is convenient to have it installed during development.