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Once you have defined your content model, you can export it and save an xml representation on the file system.

The export format is good for being placed in a revision control system, from where it can be imported back.

In general if you want to export your site, you will do better first to create a new workspace, for example:

wcs-dt mkws MySite-11.8

Then you can export everything with

wcs-dt export #MySite-11.8 !MySite @ALL

Where #MySite-11.8 is the workspace name (using the '#' prefix) and MySite is the site name (using ! prefix to specify it).

The site is by default the first site in your wcsSites variable, so you can omit the site if you only want to export the site where you are working.

As a shortcut, the # search for a workspace with the specified string as a substring.

You do not have to specify all the assets for export. For example it is pretty useful to specify only the sites of a give type. For example exporting 'Page' of the current site you can do just:

wcs-dt export #My Page

This will export all the pages of the current work site in the workspace containing the string 'My' in the name.


After export, everything will be stored in the folder export/envision/<workspace> and can then be put under revision control.

You can then reimport it in your local environment or on a live site with the command:

wcs-dt import #MySite !MySite @ALL