The configuration file is now generated by the configurator modifying the model in build.sbt-dist

This is for reference

wcsSites in ThisBuild

Names of the sites you are currently working on with AgileSites. It is a comma-separated list of site names.

wcsVersion in ThisBuild

to the version of your Fatwire/WCS. Currently it can be and Also works with 7.5.0 but there is no support in the API for 7.5.0 so this version is unsupported.

wcsHome in ThisBuild

Points to the home WebCenter Sites application directory

wcsShared in ThisBuild

Points to the WebCenter Sites shared folder

wcsWebapp in ThisBuild

Points to the web application folder of the Content Server application (usually named cs)

wcsCsdtJar in ThisBuild

Points to the location of your CSDT jar. Location of this file may vary, in JSK it is located in the wcsHome folder, in the full installations it is usually stored in a subdirectory.

It is recommended to download the latest patch from the support site where the latest jar can be found.

wcsUrl in ThisBuild

Points to the url to access content server.

Please DO NOT include a slash at the end. Include the protocol (http or https), the port and the path to ContentServer (for example /cs ).

This url must expose Content Server servlets (ContentServer, CatalogManager), so it is generally available only in development (on live site, the /cs/Satellite/site prefix is added by an Apache Proxy so the '/cs/' is inaccessible)